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About Us

Amid Al Kuwait Tailors

Leather Workshop

About Us

Amid Al Kuwait Tailors has been a trusted provider of quality men’s clothing in the region since 1981. The tailoring service specializes in traditional national men’s attire, giving customers access to classic and contemporary fashion trends.

Men are able to choose from a large variety of traditional and modern designs after which advanced tailoring techniques are used to create each customized garment. Each item of clothing is made to match carefully recorded specifications in order to guarantee the perfect fit. The highest standards of quality are incorporated to produce sophisticated men’s clothing. This includes the use of computerized stitching and sewing machines under the supervision of highly skilled and well-trained craftsmen.

As a full-service men’s wear provider, Amid Al Kuwait Tailors, also provides a wide variety of ready-made traditional clothing and accessories. This includes the complete range and variety of men’s apparel worn across the peninsula. Customers opting for ready-made attire have the option of accessorizing their selected clothing with embroidery and much more.

A visit to your nearest Amid Al Kuwait Tailors outlet will begin with a warm and friendly welcome followed by unmatched professional service delivered by the members of the Amid Al Kuwait Tailors team. The members are eager to understand your needs and happy to give recommendations based on trending men’s wear.

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